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CMR Construction & Roofing also specializes in Ludowici tile roofing. CMR has become one of the largest installers of Ludowici in the Midwest. Ludowici clay tile is another natural roofing alternative that creates a timeless look of beauty. Its durability, style, and elegance rival the earthy slates. Building this roof requires the same attention to detail. All accessories should be of equal quality to this premium roof. Titanium UDL underlayments, copper nails, copper valleys, and copper flashings are used on every roof. We take great pride being a premium installer for Ludowici.

Ludowici is a clay roof-tile company that has been around since the 1880's. Their products have always been green; they are sustainable, in that it does not contribute to landfill, or to waste streams. The tile is made up largely of recycled post-industrial material.
CMR Construction & Roofing's specialty is slate roofs. The durability and beauty of slate continues to make it one of the most desirable roofs available. However, removing old slate roofs and installing new ones is no easy task, often reserved for only the most experienced installers.

About Ludowici

Ludowici is considered the "Cadillac" of tiles. Its legacy began over four hundred years ago in Italy where rich clay born from the earth was combined with water, carefully shaped into roof tile and colored by skilled craftsmen. The tiles were then fired, vitrifying them into durable, strong, virtually impermeable works of art. Known for their beautiful shapes and hues, Ludowici tiles were shipped across Europe, ultimately gracing some of the most significant historical, cultural and political structures created by man.

Today an American based company in continuous production since 1888, Ludowici remains synonymous with the finest clay roof available. The combination of hand-crafted artistry and high-technology firing procedures has made Ludowici roofs beautiful and sound, frequently lasting over a century. No other clay tile manufacturer offers more shapes, fittings, sizes, colors, textures and surface treatments than Ludowici.

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